What can AELS do for Airports?

When aircraft reach their end-of-life they always end at an airport. Either the aircraft is sold to a next owner or another end-of-life strategy is chosen. But can it fly away? If not, AELS can help.

Airports sometimes have to deal with stranded or abandoned aircraft. There are a few possibilities to deal with these situations.

First of all an airport can park the aircraft until a decision is made. If the last operator is not performing any maintenance on the aircraft it might not be able to fly again after a period. AELS can assist in the maintenance of the aircraft during the parking period. This will help sustain the value of the aircraft but also makes it possible to fly out the aircraft over a period of time. Being pro-active on parking maintenance will avoid disassembly and dismantling activities on your airport.

If the aircraft can't fly anymore the aircraft can be disassembled and dismantled on your airport. The aircraft will still have value in its components when it hasn't been parked to long, a maintenance program was executed and aircraft records are available. Waiting to take action will only cause the value to decrease. AELS can disassemble & dismantle the aircraft for you. We can help you manage the components removed. You can consign us the aircraft or we can buy it from you.

When the aircraft was parked for a long period without any maintenance and no aircraft records are available the only option is dismantling the aircraft and recycling the materials. AELS has optimized its processes for the recycling of aerospace materials in both logistics and value. This creates an efficient chain where otherwise more materials would be lost.

We deliver high quality at a competitive price, taking safety and environment highly. We work on a fixed price basis and sometimes it is even possible that an aircraft has more value than our costs. This leads to profit on your side. AELS develops custom integrated solutions for your airport, including a risk analysis. Finally AELS will take the lead in the project management to increase the workflow between multiple departments (i.e. operational, safety, fire brigade) of the airport.

When an aircraft is stranded, an airport often wants the aircraft removed as soon as possible. This can be done if the airport is the owner of the aircraft. If not, a process of expropriation needs to be done. This will require the value of the aircraft to mirror against the outstanding parking fee. The determination of the value of an aircraft is difficult. Contact AELS for more information on how we can help you in this process.