What can AELS do for Engine Companies?

The engines of an aircraft are the most valuable and important component. For that reason companies are specialised in management of engines within the aviation sector. There are engine brokers, engine traders, engine disassembly facilities and engine MRO facilities.

AELS can partner with you in several ways. Some engine companies have also a business in reselling components from airframes. AELS can disassemble and dismantle the aircraft you bought and return to you, next to the engines, also the airframe components. You can fill in a RFQ here for more information on how AELS can help. If you are not interested in the components from the airframe you can consign AELS the airframe or AELS can purchase the airframe. 

If you have an engine that is BER we can dismantle the engine and recycle the materials. AELS can not disassemble an engine for harvesting components to be used on engines that will fly again. We can recycle the (BER) components left after your engines has been disassembled. Fill in this RFQ to see what we can do with these metals.