What can AELS do for OEMs?

Producing aerospace components leads to production waste and rejected components. It is always of first priority to reduce the waste to a minimum. But when the costs of optimization become larger than the reduction in waste, focus should be on optimizing the recycling process.

AELS is a good partner for OEMs. AELS is an expert in aerospace materials recycling. We can support OEMs in the destruction of rejected components and the recycling or waste stream materials.

As you know it is necessary for rejected aircraft components to be destroyed in order to prevent the circulation of bogus parts on the market. AELS provides a certificate of destruction to verify the part has been destroyed.

The recycling process of aerospace materials is difficult due to different alloys used. AELS optimized the process for aerospace materials. Checks in the supply chain guarantee the quality and leads to a good value for aerospace grade materials.

When you are an OEM interested in buying aircraft because you need the components on the aircraft for your after market services, please take a look at the customer profile Component MRO for more information.

When you are an OEM and acquired a complete aircraft as part of a bigger transaction and want to know what AELS can do for you, please take a look at profile Lessor for more information.