Alternative Re-use

Aircraft have something special. Boys and girls of all ages dream of being a pilot. AELS want to help people cherish this dream and support this hobby. Contact us if you are looking for a part of an aircraft you want to transform into something new (i.e. a piece of an aircraft into a table). If you want to decorate your house or maybe your children's room or a piece of aviation history that is decorative by itself (a propeller).

Also companies and organisations interested in pieces of an aircraft for, what we call, alternative re-use should contact us. For example schools, for training technicians. Maybe you are an artist and in need of a specific part of an aircraft to complete your work. Or you are building a simulator and need the real parts to meet the certification requirements. Whatever your purpose is, we offer real aircraft parts from different aircraft types, from a small piece of aluminium up to complete aircraft.

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