Minimizing environmental impact is one of AELS' core competencies. During the disassembly and dismantling process there are several potential environmental critical situations. AELS knows where hazardous materials are being used in an aircraft.

The disassembly and dismantling of an aircraft is a process with many risks. AELS is aware of these risks. The safety of our employees has the highest priority. Therefore every project will start with a risk assessment.

For some aircraft it is impossible to fly to a location where the disassembly and dismantling can take place. Therefore AELS offers the possibility to dismantle the aircraft where it is located. This can be an aircraft that:

Most aircraft owners do not like an aircraft being disassembled and dismantled in their backyard. Also creating a dedicated supply chain takes time and is very costly especially when this is done for a single aircraft.

AELS is specialized in disassembly and dismantling in a quick and environmentally friendly way. We offer two dismantling options:

The technological life of an aircraft is close to unlimited. As long as there are spare parts available an aircraft can be kept airworthy. The economic life of an aircraft, however, is not unlimited.

Beginning of March 2012 AELS was present again in a sunny Madrid to disassemble and dismantle a MD-83 for Swiftair S.A.
Swiftair S.A. had removed all components it wished to keep, but requested AELS to remove the landing gear.