Materials Recycling

Both AELS and Van Dalen are constantly looking to improve its processes. We work in close cooperation to develop new and improved processes to lower the environmental impact and increase your revenue.

AELS' is aiming at being the best in this market. We therefore demand only the highest quality from ourselves and our partners. To stay the best we are improving our processes continuously. 

After all the material has been analyzed, sorted and destroyed it will be recycled. The materials will be transported to appropriate processing plants. There the metal alloys for example will be molten into virgin material that enters the market at the beginning of a supply chain.

EASA demands that components that cannot be re-used are destroyed. The destruction is required as part of bogus part prevention.

To achieve maximum value the aerospace material streams needs to be of certain purity. AELS will expertly sort your mixed materials to create material streams of the correct purity for further processing.

The complexity of aircraft construction materials implies that it's not always apparent what materials you are dealing with.

Experience taught us a few things about aerospace materials ready to enter the recycling process:

The unique AELS aerospace materials recycling process consists of five steps:

Any aircraft will inevitably produce waste during its production, its lifetime, its components and at its end-of-life. Some, if not all of the waste streams can still have value if recycled properly.