Materials Recycling

Between the end of April and the beginning of May 2006 AELS dismantled a Boeing KLM 737-400, with the former registration PH-BTC that was parked in a corner of Barcelona Airport. The aircraft had an accident and could not be returned to economical use.

Beginning of March 2012 AELS was present again in a sunny Madrid to disassemble and dismantle a MD-83 for Swiftair S.A.
Swiftair S.A. had removed all components it wished to keep, but requested AELS to remove the landing gear.

On behalf of Fokker Services, AELS dismantled a stranded Fokker F27 aircraft at Woensdrecht Airport in the Netherlands. Before dismantling and recycling of the materials the aircraft was used for training by the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

At the end of 2008 AELS purchased 3 Fokker F27s with the goal of using them for alternative re-use and material recycling. Due to the technical condition and absence of aircraft records the components could not be re-used in the aviation sector.

In the last number of the Dutch magazine, Aluminium, an article was written about AELS.