Parking an aircraft is more expensive than one might think. Next to a parking fee the total cost of parking will consist of several other elements, like:

  1. The cost of the flight to the parking location,
  2. The cost of preparing the aircraft for long-term parking,
  3. The cost of the maintenance program during parking.

The highest cost element, however, is the cost of ownership. This cost depends on the book value and can easily run into a 6 digit number on a yearly basis.

In some cases an aircraft needs to be parked. You can park your aircraft near our facility at Aviolanda Woensdrecht. At this airport there is Part 145 maintenance provider that can provide parking maintenance. If you find a new operator Fokker Services is available to do all required maintenance to reactivate your aircraft. If no new owner or operator is found over time AELS can disassemble and dismantle the aircraft.