Materials Recycling

Any aircraft will inevitably produce waste during its production, its lifetime, its components and at its end-of-life. Some, if not all of the waste streams can still have value if recycled properly. The high-tech and complex nature of aircraft means that the waste streams will contain intricate materials and material mixes. This poses a challenge to either find the best recycling technology or market for the valuable waste streams.

Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) meets this challenge by offering integrated solutions and services for aerospace material waste streams based on our network. AELS does this in cooperation Van Dalen Recycling and Trading. The partnership between AELS and Van Dalen offers customers a sustainable solution with the highest value while observing the strict safety and security regulations of the aerospace authorities. For this process Van Dalen uses a modern 6000 Brake horse Power shredder which is capable of separating over 15 waste streams 

The partnership between Van Dalen and AELS is unique. Both companies are audited according to the latest standards and have been approved year after year with flying colors. This makes AELS one of the few companies in the world with a dual AFRA accredited process.

All materials treated through the unique recycling process are documented and AELS will provide a traceable certificate of destruction.

AELS offers the aerospace materials recycling service to all aerospace waste materials owners and producers, such as MRO companies and aerospace (components) manufacturers. The recycling service is also integrated in AELS’ disassembly and dismantling services.

AELS' aerospace materials recycling services are based on three key elements that add value to our customers. We aim at providing our customers with maximum;

Adding to, and increasing the value of recyclable materials through integrated process solutions and traceable documentation. Money for our customers.

Minimal environmental impact of the processes and minimizing your environmental impact.

Sustaining aviation safety procedures and policies by destruction of components to prevent bogus parts and guarantee employee safety. 

If you have any questions regarding our services, or have any aerospace material that you wish to have recycled, feel free to contact us or ask for an RFQ. We will be glad to expand on the information found on our website.