Materials Recycling Quality

AELS' is aiming at being the best in this market. We therefore demand only the highest quality from ourselves and our partners. To stay the best we are improving our processes continuously. 

At AELS we feel it is our responsibility to deliver services that bring value on all levels. We have therefore developed a quality system that governs all of our activities. We see our quality system as a living organism that will grow and refine itself as AELS' experiences grow and our R&D activities produce results.

AELS' quality system for aerospace materials recycling is based on three key elements. Our customers look to AELS to process their material streams according to this system. We aim to maximize cashsustainability and safety for all our services and processes. All these elements are part of AELS' process to assure you that our services are of the highest quality.

Safety is part of the aerospace material services on all levels. The most important, in our business, is aviation safety. Together with van Dalen, AELS has a unique process that guarantees destruction of aircraft components. This prevents bogus parts in the aviation industry. AELS will track and trace your components from the moment they leave your facility until they have been destroyed and will provide you with the complete documentation of this process as our certification that the components have been destroyed. The manner in which the materials are transported is of vital importance to make this process work.

Safety in transport also encompasses safely transporting waste. We have a VIHB registration which means that we are recognized by the Dutch authorities as safe transporters of waste materials. Van Dalen has a MRF-certificate which guarantees the recycling quality. We also see it as our duty to ensure that all involved in the processes work in a safe environment. The safety of our people is essential. We work according to regulations but we will take it upon ourselves to expand on them where they seem not to fit the needs.