In the December number of the Dutch magazine Piloot en Vliegtuig (Pilot and Aircraft) an article was written about AELS.

The Erasmus University Rotterdam is doing research towards the consumer perspective of end-of-life aircraft in cooperation with AELS. For this research an online questionnaire has been made.

The new aircraft souvenirs shop was opened today exactly one month ago and has become the eye-catcher of Schiphol Plaza.

In the last number of the Dutch magazine, Aluminium, an article was written about AELS.

On the 16th and 17th of January 2008 the Airline Engineering & Maintenance Conference for the Indian Sub-Continent will be held. Derk-Jan van Heerden, general manager of AELS, will give a presentation with the title: "Parting Out Aircraft & Engines".

On November 14th a new aircraft shop will open up at Schiphol Plaza. Aviation enthusiasts can buy various aviation souvernirs here such as scale models and t-shirts.

The office of AELS can now be reached via Skype. The contact address is AELS-Netherlands. Please add AELS to your skype list. You can call us immediately by clicking on the skype logo here.

On Monday June 18, 2007 the 47th Paris Air Show will start. AELS will of course be part of the world's biggest aerospace exhibition. You can find us at the Netherlands Pavilion, Hall 2B, Booth L8, L9 and L10.