AELS was contracted to execute a Total End-of-Life Solution on a Boeing 747-200 Freighter by Kellstrom Industries. The ex-Cargo B aircraft was disassembled in Belgium at Brussels, Zaventem.

When aircraft parts aren't suitable for use anymore they sometimes have an alternative use. AELS likes to help people acquire aircraft parts for unusual applications.

AELS founder Derk-Jan van Heerden and TU Delft professor Ricky Curran wrote a chapter in the Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering, published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. The chapter is titled Value Extraction from End-of-life Aircraft.

The Belgian website Hangar Flying wrote an article about the Boeing 747-200 cargo that was disassembled and dismantled by AELS.

Jelle Vaartjes wrote an article for industry magazine Aluminum about the first five years of AELS, discussing the projects and solutions that AELS has provided within this period.