We quadrupled our office, tenfolded our warehouse space, doubled our number of colleagues and bought our own airplanes for the first time. In short a very successful year and it’s even better now we can announce that we've just bought our first A320.

AFM (Airline Fleet Management) posted an article in the November-December issue called ‘creative developments: End-of-life solutions’ in which Martin Todd, AFRA's communications manager, examines the changing market for end-of-life aircraft. 

AELS has finalised our most recent purchase. We're expecting a fresh A320 for disassembly and dismantling. The aircraft will arrive at our facility in Woensdrecht early December. Teardown will commence immediately.

AELS is often mentioned in articles from all over the world. This time it is the online magazine "Recycling Product News" with an article on AFRA and End-of-Life aircraft recycling.

Two of our collegues, Daniel and Johan, ran an 8K race during the Amsterdam Marathon last Sunday, 20th of October.

Last Monday Derk-Jan van Heerden was on national television. The subject was: ‘Knok je uit de crisis: de vliegtuigsloper’, which roughly means: Beating the crisis: the plane wrecker. 

AFRA has combined the Disassembly and Recycling BMPs (Best Management Practice Guides) into 1 complete document, enabling companies to select one accreditation or both without the complexity of separate standards.

AELS will be present at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London from the 24th to 26th of September during MRO Europe 2013If you would like to meet AELS representatives, please let us know!

This week a truck completely filled with surplus stock arrived at our facility in Zoetermeer. All this stock, about 2000 individual parts, is in serviceable, overhauled and some even in new condition. We are currently very busy to book all these parts into our system.

A Letter of Intent is signed by Rob Sturm, General Manager of Business Park Aviolanda and Derk-Jan van Heerden which states that AELS has the intention to develop 3000m2 next to the airport.