AELS spreads its wings

AELS is the first aircraft dismantling company that is offering services on two continents. From today, AELS offers Base Dismantling services for the North-American market at Gander International Airport(CYQX) Newfoundland, Canada.

The aircraft dismantling services at Gander will be executed in close cooperation with NFLD. Aerotechnologies. NFLD. Aerotechnologies is an MRO provider based at Gander International with many years of experience of several aircraft types. Gander International Airport is also very interesting for this business, due to the fact that there are no noise, size or weight restrictions. Runway 03-21 has a length of more than 10,000 feet. This means that even the oldest Chapter 1/ Stage 1 aircraft can fly to their final resting place at this airport. To underline this cooperation, an MOU is signed between NFLD. Aerotechnologies, the town of Gander and AELS.

The mission for this cooperation:

"AELS and NFLD. Aerotechnologies offer, in cooperation, aircraft dismantling services for the North-American market at Gander International Airport, sustaining the highest standards with respect to aircraft safety and the environment."