End-of-life mini symposium

Yesterday the Delft University of Technology organized a mini symposium with the title: "Creating sustainability by closing the supply chain loop in the aviation sector." The symposium was organized in cooperation with AELS. After a few presentations a workshop was held in which all visitors discussed specific subjects. The discussions were on responsibility of correct end-of-life handling, influences of corporate social responsibility on the end-of-life decision and the effect of end-of-life on the sustainability of the aviation sector.

The symposium was visited by people from different countries and with different backgrounds. There were representatives from OEMs, Airlines, MRO parties, legislators and people with general interest in the subject. The presentations of the day, given by the Erasmus University (Dr. Erwin van der Laan) and given by AELS (Derk-Jan van Heerden, MSc), can be downloaded from this website.