Erasmus University Rotterdam Project

In cooperation with the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, AELS finished a research in the field of end-of-life aircraft (ELA). The goal of the project was to determine what the effect will be of an extended producer responsibility (EPR) in the aircraft manufacturing industry. This kind of legislation is at the moment seen in several industries like the automotive industry. This legislation means that the producer is kept responsible for the unavoidable disposal at the end of the product life-cycle. The research focused on the effect of the EPR legislation on the automotive industry and tried to predict the effect of such legislation on the aircraft industry. AELS is very pleased with the result and we are looking into possibilities to extend this research. EPR legislation in the aircraft industry will get a lot of attention in the near future. At the moment the two biggest aircraft producers in the world are working on this subject. Airbus is working on the Pamela (Process for Advanced Management of End-of-Life of Aircraft) project and Boeing recently announced the founding of AFRA (Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association).