Hardis Project

AELS is supporting the Hardis Project of the Delft University of Technology with our knowledge and resources. This projects aims at developing Human Assist Robot systems for DISassembly (HARDIS) of obsolete products. The middle range products - such as refrigerators, televisions, washing machines - and large products - such as cars and aircrafts - are considered as the domain of application. The aim of the project is to develop human assist robots for the manual disassembly phase of the recycling process for those products. This phase, in contrast to the shredder phase, necessitates intense human labor; because, the perception, flexibility, decision making, skill and experience of workers are indispensable. Workers perform intense power demanding and repetitive tasks in this phase. The project aims at introducing human assist robot systems to compensate the workers with power and speed in those labor demanding tasks. With such a system the skill and experience of the worker is combined with the power and speed of the robot. The issue in developing such a system is, on the one hand, to maintain the control of the robot in a way to let the human control it in a collaborative way, on the other hand, to ensure the safety of the human in interaction with the robot.