MRO trends & forecasts conference

 AELS will be one of the speakers during the MRO trends & forecast conference. This exciting industry event, which will take place in Paris on February 27th-28th, will explore the MRO business in a focused learning environment, allowing OEMs, lessors, manufacturers, parts suppliers and airlines to share their views and experiences and hear from industry experts on key topics such as the Economic Outlook, Airline MRO Strategy Options, Changes in Supply Chain & Inventory Management, Mergers & JVs in the MRO Industry, the Rise of PMAs and much more. The conference will assist airline professionals in further understanding of the market and finding out what they need to know to do business, now and over the next 12 months.

The aviation industry as a whole must aim to make itself more sustainable, CO­2 reduction being the primary aim. One of the areas where the MRO business can achieve environmental improvement is end-of-life management. AELS will go into more details on this subject. The presentation will be about the following questions. What are the characteristics of this market and what are the expected developments? When and how should an aircraft be disassembled? How can MRO waste be dealt with in an environmentally optimal way without compensating aviation safety? What are the cost and revenue drivers in this niche market?