NECTAR Conference

Today a paper titled: Extended Producer Responsibility in the Aviation Sector was submitted for the NECTAR conference. The conference is the major international event of NECTAR (Network on European Communication and Transportation Activities Research) held in Portugal on May 9-12, 2007. During this conference also a presentation will be given on the subject. The paper is the result of the research in this matter between the Erasmus University Delft, University of Technology and AELS.

In this paper the recent initiatives with respect to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in the aviation sector were researched and compared with the current practices regarding end-of-life management in the automotive and shipping industry. With this paper the issue of current aircraft-end-of-life management will be brought to the attention of all participants to the conference and by discussing the matter AELS aims to stimulate further research initiatives.

A co-writer of this paper is Brijan Irion, a Master student from the Erasmus University Rotterdam who is currently active within AELS with a study on the possible impacts of the anticipated introduction of EPR on current (commercial) end-of-life aircraft management activities in the aviation industry. The other co-writers of the paper are Dr. Erwin van der Laan (Erasmus University Rotterdam - RSM (Rotterdam School of Management)) and Dr. Marisa de Brito (Delft University of Technology – OTB Research Institute) both also active with the AELS research on EPR in the aviation industry.