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AFRA has combined the Disassembly and Recycling BMPs (Best Management Practice Guides) into 1 complete document, enabling companies to select one accreditation or both without the complexity of separate standards. Companies with dual accreditation can now showcase their quality commitment for the full recycling process. And customers have a better understanding of what the AFRA Accreditation means.

AELS is one of the two companies with a dual accreditation.

The AFRA BMP is the only industry-developed Best Management Practices (BMP) Guides, for BOTH aircraft disassembly and aircraft materials recycling. The original AFRA Accreditation was only for airframe and engine disassembly, which was developed in 2006 by AFRA's founding members.

In 2012, AFRA expanded the program, adding BMPs for aircraft materials recycling. The new guide also was developed by AFRA's membership, bringing together their collective industry experience and expertise. This year, the BMP was combined to create one standard.