Symposium: SGI Aviation

On the 15th of September there will be a symposium at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, it is called: ‘The Basics of Aircraft Leasing in a Changing Environment’ Derk-Jan van Heerden will be one of the speakers.

SGI started this series of symposia to update and align industry stakeholders about current trends and changes. This first “Update on industry hot topics” will go back to the basics. It will zoom into the aircraft delivery and redelivery process, both from a lessor and lessee prospective. This full day session will provide attendees an update about changing operational and safety regulations and the current standards in back to birth traceability.

In the afternoon Derk-Jan van Heerden will speak about ‘Liquidity of used engines and airframes, values at the end of the curve’
The topics are:

  • Liquidity of used engines in relation to appraised values
  • Impact of maintenance value on airframe value
  • Market trends for older aircraft

It is still possible to register. If you register before the 15th of August you will get a discount.