Two new customers

AELS is proud to announce two new customers, Fokker Services B.V. and the Dutch Ministry of Defense. AELS has been rewarded a contract by Fokker Services for the dismantling of a Fokker F27 aircraft at Woensdrecht Airport the Netherlands. This contract has been rewarded to AELS because of the creative solution that has been developed. The solution that AELS is providing has been made possible due to a co-operation between AELS and the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

The aircraft is an almost 40 year old Fokker F27 aircraft. In itself the aircraft only represent the value of materials that can be re-used, such as aluminum. This value is, however, not sufficient to compensate for the cost associated with the removal of the aircraft from its current position. By working together with the Dutch Ministry of Defense an alternative solution has been found that lowers the cost dramatically. AELS has created a triple win situation for all three parties, Fokker Services, the Dutch Ministry of Defense and AELS. The aircraft will be used for tests with all kinds of equipment. This is equipment that can for example be used during fire emergencies. After these tests the aircraft will be dismantled and recycled. For some sections there will also be an alternative end-of-life as an exhibition or training item.