3x Boeing 737-300 Mexico

In the summer of 2011, AELS disassembled and dismantled three Boeing 737-300s located in Mexico City. The project was executed in cooperation with Spectrum Aerospace (components) and JT Power (engines).

This project was covered through Twitter and Facebook, and an overview of those updates can be found here. The work started on august 4.
To remove components from the top of the fuselage and tail section we have a "cherry picker". Also a great tool to make pictures from a high position.
The crew and their first shipment.
what do you do when you don't have a forklift? (est. weight 400-500 kg)
Missing a nose but still smiling.
Dismantling one of the engines.
65 (without 9 already shipped) boxes of aircraft records in the hotel room of the project manager. This way he doesn't feel alone and he has something to read.
Sometimes work is being done in very small places!
The landing gear bay contains a lot of pumps, valves, actuators, switches and other units for the hydraulic system. Pictures from before and after disassembly.
As with many other projects we find bird's nests in the aircraft.
After defueling all fuel tanks are opened for venting. This will remove all remaining fuel to make cutting of the airframe a safe operation. If not, there might be some fuel vapor in the tanks.
Engine removal.
All six engines loaded an on their way to the customer.
A picture is from the landing gear removal. Airplanes are jacked, landing gear is removed, after which the aircraft is lowered on pallets after which the dismantling process can start.
Tail and wing removal. They don't look like aircraft anymore.
After the fuselages were transported to their final resting place, the project is finished. Thanks to everyone who was part of this succes!