Fokker F27 Dinard

At the end of 2008 AELS purchased 3 Fokker F27s with the goal of using them for alternative re-use and material recycling. Due to the technical condition and absence of aircraft records the components could not be re-used in the aviation sector.

Early 2009 hazardous materials were removed as well as items that are of interest for alternative re-use, such as cockpit seats, propellers and cabin seats.
These items are now sold to aviation enthusiast who, for example, are building their own cockpit simulator. Of course these items are modified to make sure that they cannot be re-used in the aviation sector but only for their new purpose.
During 2009 the aircraft were used for firefighting rescue training in cooperation with ICET. This created a unique opportunity for firefighters all over the world to train on how to support and enter a "crashed" airplane for saving people. Many fire fighters never trained on entering an aircraft due to the lack of training material.
After this experience AELS, together with ICET, will try to use all aircraft we dismantle for this purpose. This will result in a high level, relative cheap training for fire fighters on the airport and neighboring airports where AELS is disassembling and dismantling aircraft.
At the end of 2009 the aircraft were dismantled and removed from the airport after which the materials were recycled.