MD83 Swiftair

Beginning of March 2012 AELS was present again in a sunny Madrid to disassemble and dismantle a MD-83 for Swiftair S.A.
Swiftair S.A. had removed all components it wished to keep, but requested AELS to remove the landing gear.

The state of the aircraft had to be re-inspected. The first inspection of the aircraft was mid-December and since then Swiftair S.A. had removed some components and moved the aircraft to a new location.
The remains of the interior were removed and the wooden construction made with old railway sleepers was put in place, in preparation for the disassembly of the landing gear.
The landing gears removed, the aircraft appears to float while the secure perimeter around it is broadened to provide more safety during the dismantling.
Check out the sky, should you have doubted we were actually working at Madrid Barajas Airport.
And this is all that remains of an MD-83 after 8 hours of cutting.